Consulting for Orthopedic and Spine Practices

Whether you are looking for digital marketing expertise for a special project or an outside expert opinion, ATL Consultants specialize in helping orthopedic and spine surgeons improve their business and can provide your practice with an analysis of your current situation and a solution that is specific for your needs.

Our consulting team specializes in finding solutions for:

  • Patient Acquisition Sources
  • Insurance Payer Mix Strategies
  • Optimizing Marketing Budgets
  • Managing Patient Reviews
  • Automating Business Processes

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We never charge our clients by the hour due to the complexity and uniqueness of each project we work on.  We do however always provide a justification for our costs and back up our work with a guarantee.

We have a very diverse background in marketing, technology and clinical operations. No matter what issue you are facing we would be happy to speak with you about solving your problem.

We offer every one of our clients a written guarantee and if you are not satisfied with our work we will work for free until you are.

ATL Consultants Case Study

Reducing Medicare Inquiries

Case Study:

A client approached ATL Consultants with a request to find a way to reduce the number of Medicare prospects who contacted their practice. The practice was not in contract with Medicare and wanted to reduce the number of Medicare inquiries it received through its marketing efforts.

ATL Consultants was brought in to analyze the situation and provide a solution for this Texas based multi-facility spine surgery practice.

We worked with the Texas Spine Surgeon’s marketing team and performed a comprehensive analysis on their current marketing programs.

We also took the following actions:

  • Updated their contact form below the submit button so it stated “Medicare currently not accepted”.
  • Added an insurance drop-down field on their contact form, when Medicare was select a pop up message informed the visitor that Medicare was not currently accepted.
  • Installed a chat feature on their website when engaged by a visitor they are asked for their insurance type.
  • Updated Google Adwords so that ads did not show to known searchers 65 years old and up.
  • We performed an in-depth analysis  on their ROI data from their CRM and determined which channels were attracting higher distributions of Medicare patients.  We used this data to make changes to the creative used in those channels.

The Results

We guaranteed that we could reduce Medicare inquiries by 40%. The changes we proposed were implemented by the Texas facility and they saw a 60% reduction in the number of Medicare inquiries over the following 60 days.