3 quick tips for improving conversion rates on contact pages

As a digital marketing consultant I am often involved in projects that are aimed at getting more leads without spending more marketing dollars (sound familiar?). One way that experts do this is by focusing on landing page conversion rate optimization. What I have found when starting projects is that the focus tends to be on the desktop user and not the mobile visitor. Today I’m going to focus on the “contact” page and share with you a few tactics that cover both desktop and mobile visitor conversion rate improvement.

1. A clear concise heading with authority

A visitor has made their way to your contact page and they are considering contacting you. You have the opportunity to let the visitor know they are making the right choice by reminding them your company is the authority. All too often companies overlook this opportunity and just give a generic heading such as

“Submit a contact form” or “Contact us”

Instead of being generic why not let them know they are making a very good decision contacting you. You are reminding the visitor you are the leader in your field and this is the first step in the process.

2. Test your headings and opening statements

I know, here we go again with call to action & heading statement discussions, but testing different headings can have a significant improvement on the amount of leads your contact page generates. Rather than your heading simply stating “Submit a contact form”, a visitor may respond better to “Take the first step, Contact ” or  “Join thousands who found relief…”.

A clear and concise heading supported by an authority statement lets the visitor know this is the first step in the process and they are making a wise decision by contacting the right company.



3. Make form fills easier (especially for mobile)

Everyone is used to filling out forms, but making the job easier will reduce form abandon rates and get you more leads. Here are a few ways to make the process more efficient, especially for mobile visitors (I especially LOVE the mobile numeric keypad for number fields!).

The law of conversion rate optimization states

There is no law!

In a world where digital marketing is where the majority of your customers come from, maximizing your opportunities to capture as many as possible just makes sense. Of course what works for one website does not necessarily mean it will work for another. The main takeaway should be that your contact page is a living element that evolves over time. As technology changes & consumer behavior changes, competition will force companies to improve or lose.

My final recommendation is to perform on going tests. A little effort optimizing page elements can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Do you have any other tips? Please feel free to share in the comments!

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